Wait a minute, Angela, that's a pretty bold claim. You're saying choosing not to vote for a third party candidate would be a wasted vote? But that's the opposite of what I've been taught!

I hear you, but let me explain.

The only truly wasted vote is an unprincipled one, choosing to silence your truest voice in favor of feeling like you're part of a winning, if distasteful, team. A vote holds power, and choosing to use it to represent anything other than your best interests is a wasted use of that power.

And no party (or candidate!) cares more about representing you than this one.

Additionally, throwing your vote onto the pile for a major party is a vote to continue with the status quo and see more of your rights stripped away. Only a Libertarian vote can steer the major parties to consider your views, rights, and liberties, and change the direction of our state and nation. Any other vote in this race is simply a token vote for things to continue on as they have in our halls of legislation.

Add your voice to the growing number this November as we join together to demand a reinstatement of individual rights and bring power back to the individual and local communities, and away from a distant and disconnected governing body.

  • Importance of representing your voice, not hers

  • Family, qualifications, interests

  • Single issue solution: Decentralize it

  • Increase voter choice

  • Increase voter power