About Angela

One of my core political beliefs is that in an ideal system, the biographical facts of elected representatives wouldn't actually matter much. Representatives that you vote for should stand in place of you, standing in to be your voice in legislature, representing your thoughts on the issues, and voting in the House of Representatives for your interests. However, it's undesirable to vote for a total stranger, so please allow me to provide a brief introduction.


I am the proud mother of four wonderful children, wife to a brilliant rocket scientist (who supports me in all my zany pursuits - such as running for office!), and sister of 6 siblings.

Like many of us, my family is settled into the core of my existence and sense of self.

I believe strongly that individuals in families are the fundamental unit of society, and that the government should not seek to over-regulate and stifle the potential of a family to excel.


In my working hours I spend my time as an educational independent contractor, taking advantage of technology to tutor students around the world on a wide variety of topics.

I have an insatiable love for learning, and am skilled at translating information from stuffy textbooks and lectures into more accessible concepts so that my students can catch the same enthusiasm.

As such, topics of education are particularly important to me. Students in District 8 deserve the best education that can be accessed, and free choice in their schooling so that families can determine the best fit for their needs, without unnecessary government input.


While I am far from a career politician (a point in my favor, I think!), I am confident in my abilities to represent you in the Alabama House of Representatives.

I have served in leadership capacities throughout my life on various councils, presidencies, and boards in club, church, and school settings.

I am driven and efficient in how I use my time, and never satisfied with a job half-done.

I would be honored to have the opportunity to represent you in our Alabama legislature, and can promise that I will do an excellent job representing your interests and working to remove government interference in your life.

Education and Hobbies

My long-ago early years of education were crowded with a variety of extracurricular activities (Youth in Government, Theater, Band, Tennis, Track, Cross Country, Destination Imagination, and world traveling, to name a few!) and educational activities. The variety of interests I was able to pursue shaped me into someone who can relate to many experiences, and gave me a hunger to learn more about the world around me.

After graduating high school as a big fish in a small pond from growing up in a small-town, I pursued my higher education at Brigham Young University where I obtained a bachelor's degree in biology. I was blessed with opportunities to choose a school that could provide me with a well-rounded education, as well as opportunities to serve in various clubs and church leadership positions.

Since that time I have found myself pursuing more and more education - there are so many wonderful things in this world to learn about! I value the opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills to a variety of pursuits in my life, including book publishing, handicrafts, car maintenance, hobby farming, child rearing... the list is endless!


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Libertarian Party Classical Liberal Caucus

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