There is no ill facing our society today that government involvement has not intensified.

General Positioning

In society as a whole, and certainly in the state of Alabama, individuals are presented with incredible challenges. Addictions to substances, violence, lack of access to healthcare, and educational hurdles are included. On the other hand, individuals are also presented with basic rights and sources for joy, such as protecting their families and personal interests, pursuing harmless hobbies and entertainments, and enjoying safety and food security.

As a rule, none of the above issues have been made better by asking the clunky government machine to try and solve them.

Generally, my stance on any single issue topic is that the greatest way to improve that issue's relationship to the life of individuals is simple: Decentralize it. Remove inefficient and sometimes downright harmful government regulations and return the choices to the individual. Let family structures, churches, charities, private social welfare groups, and other similar institutions work unhindered so that experts who are qualified to help can help, and individuals can move forward unfettered.

There are a few single-issues that I feel are worth further discussion, find them below! Interested in my views on a particular subject? Don't hesitate to contact me.

"We hold that all individuals have the right to exercise sole dominion over their own lives, and have the right to live in whatever manner they choose, so long as they do not forcibly interfere with the equal right of others to live in whatever manner they choose." - Libertarian Party Platform Statement

The Broken Two-Party System

As has been magnified in recent years and elections, the two-party system has been even more damaging to society than the various laws and practices they have put into place. More and more we see the two major parties demanding their members move further and further to extremes.

Most of this human family finds themselves on neither extreme, but are actually rational, compassionate, humble, and concerned about the world around them, and desire to improve it.

My own desire to improve the world drives me to work to move away from the false dichotomy of a two party system, to remind everyone of common sense, and to create a space where people can feel free to determine their views without feeling a need to align perfectly with the dogma of a single party.

Votes that Mean Something

Recent elections and the influence of the two-party system have shown an inherent flaw in the way that our elections are run. Concerns with ballot security have many people frustrated with the current election system.

More frustrating to my mind is the voting structure that discourages individuals from voting as their heart guides them. Many of us are frustrated with the two major parties, but find ourselves still voting party lines, as anything else would be a "wasted" vote. We then walk away from the polls often feeling dejected and even disappointed with ourselves.

Imagine instead a world where voters educate themselves on candidates from a wide variety of parties (or perhaps even without party associations), determine which candidate they feel will best represent their personal interests in government, and then vote for that candidate. To ensure their vote is not "wasted", they could then further report their second, third, etc. choices, so that their voice is still represented, should their first choice fail to be elected.

This utopian ideal is not so far out of reach - ranked choice voting systems are in place and being used in states such as Maine and Alaska, and Alabama has an opportunity to join.

Removing Roadblocks

We have been conditioned by the world around us to look at society's ills and think, "Someone should do something about that. Isn't there a law???"

However, lawmakers tend to be inexperienced in specific issue solutions, may have ulterior motives, and are trying to work within a faulty system. The government machine is not an efficient one, and rarely solves as many problems as it creates.

Actual solutions are best put in place by private groups seeking to make the world a better place. These private groups work to become educated on which solution best fits their community, how to implement it, and how it can be continuously improved and optimized.

Unfortunately, there are often road blocks put in place by the government that deny these private groups the opportunity to move forward. Regulations, fees, and general red tape restrict groups of people seeking to improve the world around them from being able to put their plans into action.

The easiest way to improve a situation? Take the government out of it.